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5 Health Benefits of Ginger
The middle of Winter is just round the corner and so are the colds and flues. Ginger is a powerful root that can help you build a strong immunity wall stopping all the bad infections. It’s also a great pain killer and preventer for long-term heart diseases. Here are five reasons why a side of ginger should be an essential part of your healthy living regime.   1 Immune Boosting Ginger is full of antioxidants which is essential in our body for fighting infections and building up th..
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Baking as Therapy
  It’s not a coincidence that the shops ran out of flour and yeast when the Corona isolation took us by storm. If you didn’t bake before you definitely started baking or at least seriously thought about it. It can feel really good to bake. And there are many reasons why baking will give you peace of mind.  Focused relaxation   Reading a recipe makes us focus on a task. Step by step we read the ingredients, do the measuring and follow the method. We have to be sure we..
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5 Reasons to Drink Organic Wine
  Organic wines have no pesticides. It’s a natural wine that cuts out all the unnecessary ingredients that your body or the planet doesn’t need. The result; the wine tastes better and is better for you.  1 Fewer Sulphur Dioxide A lot of conventional wines contain added sulphur dioxide (So2). This is to make the wine last longer so it can have a longer shelf life. Studies shows that So2 can irritated those with asthma and also give headaches easier. In organic wines only natura..
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Way too much food is going to waste in times when we need it the most. So what can we do to reduce our food waste? Sometimes finding the right place to start is the hardest part, so we have put together some tips and tricks to help get you inspired.  Plan Your Meals Yes, this might sound boring to the spontaneous cook but it can be very efficient when it comes to reducing food waste. If you plan your meals for the week you know exactly how much you will need of each ingredient. This w..
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The Hype About Hemp
What's the hype about Hemp? Over the past year, you may have witnessed a surge in hemp-related products, This is due to the fact that prior to November 2017, Hemp was only legally allowed to be sold as a topical product for external use. However, with a change in the Food Standard, it is now legal to be sold as a food! And we are all cheering! Hemp Vs Cannabis Vs Marijuana? There has always been a little confusion over the understanding of Hemp, which is the main reasoning behind it’s l..
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