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Sake is an alcoholic beverage that originates from Japan. In Australia, sake is sometimes called rice wine, however, its brewing process is very similar to the making of beer. Also referred to as "Japanese Sake", it is a kind of rice wine where starch is converted into sugars that ferment into alcohol.


How is it different to wine?

In wine, alcohol is produced by fermenting sugar. These sugar are naturally present in the fruit, which is typically a grape (Palomino grape in case of a dry sherry).

Also, sake can be clear or cloudy and gets its colour from rice sediments, which in the case of white wine comes from white grapes. Whereas, red wine is made from red or darker grapes where skins remain on the grape during the fermentation process.


Sake is made from fermented rice

This Japanese designed drink can be made with various types of rice. However, short and medium grain rice also called japonica produces high quality Japanese rice wine.

According to, there are over 80 types of rice varieties that are suitable for sake production. They can even be different to "eating" rice varieties as the ones suitable for sake have a specific starchiness in their centre and are surrounded by the outer rice brain.


Sake bottle alcohol content

In terms of alcohol content, sake shares a lot of similarities with wine. Sake generally has around 14-17% ABV. People assume it to be as strong as strong spirits such as rum or vodka because they tend to be served in smaller glasses and have a clear appearance. However, it's really a wine substitute.


What food goes well with Sake?

The bottle of sake in the liquor shop that barely gets noticed may be the underdog of the spirit world.

Sake is usually paired with sushi, ramen, tempura, stir fries, soy sauce chicken, and more. They also make a good cooking wine substitute and are an important part of a lot of Japanese cuisines.

Moreover, people also like pairing sake with English meals. Barbeque meat and Pizza are some of the popular food dishes that people like pairing with this particular drink. Its semi-sweet taste brings out the good in many kinds of food. Also, a bottle of sake can even be poured chilled which makes it more flexible in terms of pairing with different kinds of cuisines.


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#Note: A person under the age of 18 years is not allowed to buy or drink sake according to the alcohol/ liquor control laws in Australia. One must be at least 18 years to purchase sake online from Doorstep Organics. Please see our liquor licensing details here.

Doorstep Organics is an organic grocery delivery service that also stocks various kinds of liquor items. Please check out our range of organic red wine, organic white wines, and other alcoholic beverages here.

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