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How to Reduce Food Waste

How to Reduce Food Waste

Way too much food is going to waste in times when we need it the most. So what can we do to reduce our food waste? Sometimes finding the right place to start is the hardest part, so we have put together some tips and tricks to help get you inspired.

Plan Your Meals

Yes, this might sound boring to the spontaneous cook but it can be very efficient when it comes to reducing food waste. If you plan your meals for the week you know exactly how much you will need of each ingredient. This will stop you from buying things you don’t need that often just end up getting old in the fridge.

Leftover Cooking

It is hard to avoid making leftovers especially if you cook for a family where there are days when the kids love the food and eat tones and the opposite next day. It is good to have one day out of the week when you eat all the leftovers. You can either make a pie or just serve everything in small bowls or get some wraps or soft tacos then everyone can pick and mix.

“Use by” Is Just a Suggestion

A lot of us follow the expiry dates on products like it is the law, with no clue as to whether the food is still fresh or not. This is more understandable when it comes to meat and chicken. But besides from that we throw away way to much food that still could have been used if we just knew how to smell it, feel it or taste it. The expiry dates are guidelines and the food is often still eatable a long time after. Get to know your products and know what to look for to make it last longer. Also look over where you store your food which can have a big impact on its longevity.


What to do with the green leaves, the tired herbs, half eaten apple and the ginger that’s drying out? A good tip is to have a container in the fridge where all the bits and pieces of fruit and veggies go in. A smoothie can pretty much contain anything so don’t be afraid to chuck in your leftover veggies. If you add a plant based milk, a lot of fresh ginger and a squeeze of lime most ingredients will be forgiven and you will have a tasteful smoothie.

Start experimenting

This tip is a bit tricky but it can be good to at least have in mind. Is there anything that can be eaten that we normally throw away and call not eatable? Start experimenting with your food and be creative. Like making a pesto out of carrot tops, make crumbs out of old dry bread, tomato sauce out of old tomatoes and so on. If we start being aware of what we through away we will see the possible changes we can do to reinvent and eat it.

Make sure you only buy and cook what you need. Learn your eating habits and start looking over what goes into the bin and think about how you can change in your household. Not only will your bank account thank you but you will feel great about doing your part to reduce the effects of climate change.



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