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Benefits To Having Your Fresh Food Delivered

Benefits To Having Your Fresh Food Delivered

Monday 13th December, 2021

Support Local Organics Australia

We all probably want to do our best when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint; and one of the best ways we can do this is to buy produce from Aussie farmers rather than loading our carts with fruit that’s traveled halfway across the globe. Not only do you get to support local farmers and their families, but it’s also just so much better! Organic, fresh fruit, grown in your state, free of all the potential nasties you might find in the supermarket aisle. 


You can also count on it being ethically sourced and that the people who harvested and prepared your ingredients were well paid and fairly treated. After all, food is all about community. By choosing Doorstep Organics to provide you with organic meat, artisan deli, natural fruits and veg, and gourmet goodies you’ve been hankering for, you’ll be giving back to us as well. Allowing our business to continue to blossom and service the suburbs we know and love, from Wollongong to Sydney and the Blue Mountains.


We started as a small collective of families in NSW, taking turns tending the farm and doing our bit to earn our keep, and our mission has remained the same: to supply sustainable, fair trade, well-loved ingredients, from our farms to your plate. Every meal should be a joyful experience, and that’s what we hope to bring to your household.

Fresh Food Delivery For Seasonal Produce 

We go with the seasons, because that’s how Mother Earth intended it. And we reckon she knows a thing or two about natural goodies. Fruits and veggies aren’t meant to be consumed in huge quantities, all year round. A lot of the time, if you see summer fruits in the dead of winter or vice versa, you might want to rethink the purchase; it’s likely that unnatural processes are being used to get these products on the shelves and make up for the demand.


In this day and age, a lot of us just expect food to land on our plate at dinner, without putting much thought into how it got there and what was involved in producing it.


Isn’t it way more rewarding to see those golden delights start to appear when the weather is heating up? Observing the seasons gives us a greater appreciation for the journey of our food—These little guys were laboured with love, planted months ago, watered, given ample sunshine and soil, and now they’re in your fruit bowl, ready to be served.


You can even get yourself one of our Organic Seasonal Boxes, with a scrumptious bounty of fruits and vegetables, ripe and ready for the picking.


This understanding of nature’s cycles stops us from treating our food as a limitless resource, and provides us with a connection to the land and people from which our meals are derived. 


Which leads us to our next point.

Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Means Minimal Waste

Food waste is a massive problem both in Australia and around the world. Though there is enough food to feed everyone, sadly, a lot of produce is left to rot. According to OzHarvest, Up to 10% of global greenhouse gases comes from food that is produced, but not eaten, and the emissions from wasted food are worse than emissions from air travel, plastic and the oil industry. And to top it all off, almost half of the world’s fruits and veggies are wasted.


We believe produce is here to be eaten, not chucked out when no one buys it, or forgotten in the bottom of a fruit bowl. That’s why delivery is a great solution to minimising waste. You get to choose exactly what you want and need, rather than haphazardly chucking things in a basket on your post-work supermarket run. And because you have an understanding and appreciation for where the food comes from, and just how much care goes into its production, you’re more careful and deliberate with your choices. Plus, we guarantee amazing quality—-you can even get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied! So you’re less likely to let your food go to waste because you won’t be able to resist eating every last bit of goodness.


And the cherry on top? Our produce comes in boxes so you won’t be bombarded with endless plastic bags and wrapping. Just good, wholesome ingredients ready to be washed and eaten.

Something Special 

Another benefit of having food delivered? You can cater your order to any dietary restrictions you may have. Gluten free, Sugar free, Wheat free, Paleo? We’ve got your back (or maybe, your stomach). You might also be able to find produce that can be hard to get in the supermarket. 

What does your heart desire? With same day delivery, you can get it from Doorstep Organics today.



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