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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Cheese

The human obsession with cheese is astounding! Many people are hesitant to go vegan because they are unwilling to give up cheese. There are so many more plant-based, vegan options these days though, meaning there is no excuse because you can still enjoy the amazing taste of cheese without any dairy. 


This vegan cheese guide contains options for everything, whether you're looking for something to serve on your cheese and fruit platter, need an ingredient for your classic lasagna, or want a nice sprinkle for family Taco night. These plant-based cheeses are essential in your life! 

Why choose vegan cheese?

For people allergic to dairy, vegan cheese is an excellent dairy-free alternative to conventional cheese. It's a dairy-free, plant-based cheese alternative. The best part about our vegan cheeses is that they're made with a wide range of plant-based ingredients, making them healthy and nutritious. 


We carry a wide variety of cheese flavours and styles at Doorstep Organics. If you have a vegan friend or relative, having a collection of vegan cheeses on hand to serve on a cheese platter or cook with is always a good idea.


You never know when you'll need a dairy-free substitute, so check out the vegan cheese options below, including cashew cheese, soy cheese, vegan feta and other dairy-free options, as well as cheese-based goods like dairy-free cream cheese and cruelty free cheese sauce mix.

Store-bought vs homemade vegan cheeses

Vegan cheeses from the store are convenient, especially if you don't have access to kitchen tools like a blender or food processor. However, many contain unrecognisable ingredient lists, are pricey, and in some cases, taste inedible. On the other hand, Doorstop Organics makes the shopping experience a little easier by displaying all ingredients so you can pick the vegan cheese that is best suited to your needs.


You can still make vegan cheeses at home using actual whole-food components that you probably already have on hand. Vegan cheeses prepared at home are adaptable, flavourful, affordable, and surprisingly easy to prepare!


One ingredient in particular that you will find acts as a base ingredient for the best vegan cheeses, is cashew nuts. Whether you’re making from home or looking for a store-bought vegan cheese, we highly recommend choosing a product that is cashew-based – granted you’re not allergic to nuts. 

Cashew cheese

If you've never heard of cashew cheese before, it's a non-dairy cheese created from blended cashews. You can create cashew cheese in a variety of ways, but it's commonly made with blended cashews and various spices and flavourings (popular components include garlic and lemon juice). To construct the cheese flavour without using dairy, nutritional yeast, an inactive form of yeast with a somewhat nutty, cheesy flavour, is added to the recipe.

What are its health benefits?

Cashew cheese is high in B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, protein and fibre. It also has a higher vitamin and mineral content than regular cheese. The nutritional yeast in the recipe is abundant in B vitamins, selenium, and potassium.

How to use it?

You can use cashew cheese in various recipes in place of cheese. You can use it to make a spaghetti sauce, a dip, to spread on sandwiches or crackers, and even make a healthy creamy salad dressing. Nutritional yeast from cashew cheese can be sprinkled on popcorn, added to soups, or mixed into mashed potatoes.

Vegan feta

A super popular vegan cheese is vegan feta. Perfect for a cheese platter or salad, The Vegan Dairy’s Persian Feta is a great option. It’s soft and flavourful and a fantastic artisan dairy-free, vegan product perfect on toast with avocado, on crackers or any way you want it. The Vegan Dairy are based in Melbourne, but they have stockists all around Australia.

Doorstep Organics range of vegan cheeses

Vegan cheese is an ideal dairy-free alternative to regular cheese for people sensitive to dairy. It's a plant-based, dairy-free cheese substitute. The nicest thing about our vegan cheeses is that they are prepared from a variety of plant-based components, making them healthy and nutritious. 

We offer a wide range of cheese flavours and styles at Doorstep Organics. Take a look through our extensive collection to stock up on all your vegan cheese necessities.



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