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Celery Juice | 5 Amazing Facts Bet You Didn't Know

Celery Juice | 5 Amazing Facts Bet You Didn't Know

Monday 14th February, 2022

Even if you are not a fan of green juice, you have probably heard about celery juice. Because every other healthy person seems to be drinking it these days.

No doubts! Celery is one of the best juices in the morning for a lot of people. It is low in sugar and is packed with a bunch of other benefits.

When we talk about fruits and vegetable juices, celery stalks never miss the list. Some people claim that celery juice is able to help patients with heart disease and chronic illness in the long run. However, apart from the claims, it also makes a really nice drink.

A lot of people drink celery juice not just for medical purposes, but for body toning purposes as well. Celery juice's benefits are endless and numerous researchers also claimed that celery juice is a ‘miracle juice’. Miracles aside, celery is just a great and versatile vegetable.

Although very common, there are facts about this miracle juice that people barely know;

5 Amazing Facts About Celery Juice

Unstrained juice provides fibre

It's important to think about how your celery juice is produced. Fibre is usually squeezed out of it. Because fibre is so important for a healthy stomach, strained juice isn't as good for your digestion. So, to get the maximum gut health advantages, you might want to avoid straining your juice.

Celery juice is not a calorie food

People consume them in the morning- so, a lot of them have a misconception that they can be consumed as a breakfast replacement. However, it is not a calorie-rich food. In fact quite the opposite. There's a saying going around that celery burns more energy in the digestion process than it provides in calories. Whether this is true or just an urban myth…who knows!

Mostly, people drink for weight loss purposes like to consume it as a breakfast replacement. However, some sources do not recommend it as calories are also an important part of one's diet.

It may not be ideal for everyone

Unfortunately, celery juice may be intolerable to certain people with delicate digestive systems, including those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This is because it contains a lot of fermentable carbohydrates or FODMAPs. When digested, they might induce bloating and discomfort.

It's probably advisable to avoid celery juice if you encounter digestive problems after drinking it. You might want to see a doctor see if your symptoms are caused by a digestive disorder like IBS.

Eating vs drinking celery

While eating a bunch of celery is beneficial and healthful, it is not the same as drinking pure celery juice. Because the pulp (fibre) is eliminated when celery is juiced, which results in its healing properties being amplified. You'll be able to drink a lot more celery juice compared to eating it.

Also, the health benefits provided by celery seeds are completely different compared to eating them or juicing them. Whole foods are always best! Drinking on an empty stomach Why does everyone recommend gulping ounces of celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach? Well, when your stomach is empty, juice has the greatest impact on vitamin and nutrient absorption. The juice is absorbed directly into the intestine and digested quicker. Fasting also is now a popular method for weight loss and well being. Made most popular by Dr Michael Mosely.

Where to buy organic celery for juicing?

Doorstep Organics is a grocery delivery service with a variety of healthy organic food to choose from. Please check out Celery bunches and boxes here. Apart from celery we also stock lime, beetroot, carrot, ginger, and more; which would make a really healthy morning juice. Order yours today!



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