Spanish Chicken and Rice with Charred Vegetables

Spanish Chicken and Rice with Charred Vegetables

Serves 4    |   Prep 5 min     |   Cook 30 min     |  Ready  In  40mins 

You can brighten up even the dullest day by cooking up this Spanish-inspired chicken and rice feast. This is a super simple dish that is a total crowd pleaser. It has a beautiful combination of sweet, smoked paprika; one of the most essential spices and lemon for that zesty kick. This will be your new staple favourite; comer con gusto!

4 skinless chicken cutlet thighs (bone in) 
4 tbsp olive oil 
1 ½ cup  med grain white rice 
3 cups quality chicken stock 
150g green pitted olives in brine, sliced in rings 
3 tbsp diced fresh flat leaf parsley  
1 med yellow capsicum, diced 
1 med brown onion 
1 tbsp tomato paste 
2 lemons 
100g sour cream 
2 tsp smoked paprika 
2 tsp garlic powder 
1 tsp salt flakes 
1 tsp ground cumin 
1 tsp ground coriander 
1 tsp dried Italian herbs  
1/2 tsp chili powder 
2 large zucchinis  
1 med yellow capsicum  
1 bunch asparagus (approx. 8 stems) 
½ lemon, squeezed  
Salt and pepper 
Olive oil to cook  

Flat leaf parsley 
Lemon wedges 

1. In a medium bowl combine all the seasoning ingredients. Reserve half of the seasoning in a small bowl for the rice to the side. Combine the remainder of the spices with 4 tablespoons of olive oil and marinate the chicken thighs. Make sure the spices fully coat the chicken. 
2. Over a high heat, drizzle olive oil in a large deep pan (with lid). Fry off each of the thighs for 2-3 mins on each side till browned and remove from the pan and rest aside. 
3. In the same pan, add the capsicum, onion, and sauté till soft. Add the rice, ¾ of the sliced olives, diced parsley, remaining seasoning, tomato paste and stir well till the rice is fully coated. 
4. Add the stock and the juice of one lemon, stir and add the pieces of chicken on top of the rice. Place the lid on and bring it to the boil, then reduce to a medium simmer for about 20 mins. The rice will cook and absorb all the stock.  
5. Place a well-oiled skillet over a high heat. Slice the zucchini length ways in about half a cm thick slices and begin to char them for about 1min on each side. Repeat this process with the asparagus; half of the bunch length wise and half whole. Core and cut the capsicum into strips and again char on each side.   
To serve; top the chicken and rice with slices of lemon, remaining olives and some diced parsley. While warm place all the charred vegetables on a plate and season with salt flakes, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and top with fresh parsley. On the side add a small bowl of sour cream and lemon wedges to enjoy.  
If you prefer a spicier dish, don’t be afraid to increase the chili to taste or add chili flakes once it is cooked. It’s best to use thighs with the bone to prevent the chicken from drying out and adding more flavour to the rice. 
For the best results we only use Australian organic produce and ingredients

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Melinda - 15/11/2018

This recipe looks yummy! Would you please put up the ingredients list?
Shelley Montgomery - 15/11/2018

Could you please upload the ingredient list. Thanks Shelley

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