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How To Navigate The World Of Plant Based Protein

How To Navigate The World Of Plant Based Protein

Vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike are all looking for plant-based protein. Unfortunately, it’s also widely misunderstood, with many people believing that plant-based protein can't possibly replace animal protein. When done right though, plant-based protein can help enrich your life. 

Adding extra plant-based protein to your family's diet is easier than you might think. You'll want to include these delicious, protein-rich plant foods in your meals once you've learned about the health benefits they can help deliver. 

Why you need protein 

Proteins are made up of amino acids and despite their humble definition, amino acids are an essential component of good health. 

Amino acids are found in a variety of foods and protein-rich meals are broken down into their amino acid components when we eat them. Once they enter the body, they help create muscular tissue, maintain fluid balance, support the immune system, and produce enzymes, among other things.

Benefits of plant-based protein

Plant-based proteins carry numerous advantages. Such as they:

  • Are lower in saturated fat than animal-based foods

  • Contain various antioxidants to fight inflammation throughout the body

  • Are rich in fibre, which is a plus for a healthy digestive system

  • Have a smaller carbon footprint

  • May cut risk of heart disease (when replacing red meat with plant-based diet)

Plant-based proteins to try

There are many ways to enjoy plant-based proteins. The following options are reasonable and easy to acquire at your local grocery store, thanks to the growing popularity of plant-based cuisine. Or you can have them delivered right to your door by shopping with Doorstep Organics. 

Soy products

Soy foods like edamame, tofu, and soymilk have a terrible notoriety thanks to the rumour mill. You should set aside the rumours and enjoy these foods, as soy has many scientifically proven health advantages. Soy and soy-based foods are low in fat and include a full complement of amino acids, similar to those found in meat.


Cubed, very firm tofu can be used in place of scrambled eggs, roasted in a hot oven, or sautéed in a non-stick skillet with a few drops of oil and seasoning.


One cup of soymilk has more than 6 grams of protein. The equivalent amount of cow's milk has eight grams. Soy milk is also fortified with vitamin D and calcium, making it an excellent dairy-free substitute for cereal, smoothies, and baking.


Quinoa is another plant-based food that contains the same amino acid profile as meat. Quinoa seeds are tiny and can be eaten raw or cooked in soups, cold and warm, salads, and oats. Quinoa is also a great grain-free filler for stuffed peppers and vegetarian burgers. 


Each cup of cooked quinoa has eight grams of protein and eight grams of fibre and iron.


Incorporating nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews into your meals and snacks is only going to benefit you. Each nut has its own unique nutrient profile, and all of them may be included in a healthy diet—as long as you aren't allergic to them. 


You can convert almonds into granola, almond butter, and muffins. The mellow, buttery flavour of cashews complements stir-fries and fried rice. Soak cashews in water overnight, then blend as a non-dairy cream substitute in smoothies and soups.


Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, give a unique flavour and textural element to smoothies, and make an excellent meat substitute in vegetarian cuisine. Crunchy almonds are high in vitamin E (a potent antioxidant) and are an easy method to satisfy a mid-afternoon snacking urge.


Chickpeas are one of the most adaptable plant-based proteins available. Chickpeas can be added to avocado toast, mixed into vegetable or grain salads, or blended into hummus for dipping and spreading on sandwiches. Chickpeas that have been rinsed, drained and dried can also be seasoned and baked in the oven for crunchy finger food. 


One cup of chickpeas has about 11 grams of protein and a half days’ worth of fibre.

Get your plant-based protein here

Including more plant-based protein in your family's diet is now easier than ever. After learning about the health benefits of plant-based protein, you'll want to include these delicious, protein-rich plant foods in your meals. Doorstep Organics makes life even easier for you by providing a great selection of plant-based protein alternatives that we can deliver right to your doorstep.  



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