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5 Health Benefits of Ginger

5 Health Benefits of Ginger

The middle of Winter is just round the corner and so are the colds and flues. Ginger is a powerful root that can help you build a strong immunity wall stopping all the bad infections. It’s also a great pain killer and preventer for long-term heart diseases. Here are five reasons why a side of ginger should be an essential part of your healthy living regime.

1 Immune Boosting

Ginger is full of antioxidants which is essential in our body for fighting infections and building up the immune system. Ginger is also good at killing germs and can even keep evil bacteria out of your mouth and teeth. Muscle and joint pain is another area where ginger has proven to be a great pain relief and healer.

2 Nausea Relief

Pregnant women struggling with nausea might be familiar with this cure. Fresh ginger is great for easing nausea.  You can either grate the ginger into some water or a cup of tea when nausea needs to be reduced. It can even work on nausea from seasickness and chemotherapy.

3 Menstruation

Fresh ginger is a great cure for menstrual pain. Studies have shown that women who eat ginger while menstruating experience less period pains than without it. It has proven to be as effective as the chemical painkillers, like ibuprofen. So the next time you have period pains or know someone who has them, pop on the kettle and serve some fresh ginger tea.

4 Improved Digestion 

Having some ginger before or after dinner can speed up the digestion of your food. When food sits in your guts for too long it can cause gases and stomach pain. Ginger contains gingerols which helps break down food and settle an upset stomach. Using ginger to aid digestion has been used for centuries and some researches have tracked it all the way back to 400 B.C for its use as a medical treatment.

5 Chronic Disease

Ginger has also been shown to prevent long-term aging diseases related to the heart and cholesterol. It can reduce a protein called lipoproteins, in the body which is a high risk factor for causing heart disease. Ginger can also regulate the insulin in our blood and prevent diabetes.


Ginger is definitely a super food that should be a standard ingredient in every household. Fresh ginger that will have the best impact on you. A great tip is to grate fresh ginger and put it in your stir fry, smoothie or tea. Then you will benefit from all the goodness in this little powerful root.

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