About Delivery

We aim to deliver to as many locations and on as many days as possible. Currently we deliver to most Sydney suburbs 6 days a week and outlying areas up to three times per week. To make it easy we accept orders right up to midnight the night before delivery... of course, if this doesn't suit... most locations in Sydney have the option to receive their order on the SAME DAY. The cut off time for same day delivery varies according to your location. The first cut offs are at 8-9am and the final Same Day Delivery run closes at 1pm*.

*Please note due to a very large demand on our services at the moment we may not be able to offer same day delivery to your area.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver to all of greater metro Sydney, The Central Coast, Wollongong, Berry, Canberra, Newcastle and The Blue Mountains. Check the delivery pop up in the header of our website to find out which days in the week we can deliver to you.
We also normally deliver shelf stable groceries Australia wide however due to the increased demand caused by current Covid-19 situation we are unable to offer this service at the moment. We're aiming to have the service back on as soon as possible.

What time will I receive my delivery?

On the morning of your delivery look out for a text message from us, it will advise you of a two hour window in which you can expect your delivery to arrive. For Sydney suburbs a small extra fee you also have the option to select a three hour time slot which suits you. We will then organise the run to make sure your delivery arrives in that interval. This only applies to orders received before midnight, not Same Day deliveries. If you live outside our regular delivery areas (listed above), we deliver by Courier, these orders take approximately 2-6 days.  

I live in a security apartment, can you deliver to me when i am not home?

We do our best to find a solution to this issue. If you give us a call we can talk about how a delivery will be possible. Sometimes there is an alternative place to leave it such as a laundry, sometimes it is possible for a neighbour to buzz us in or on some occasions customers have provided us with a key to the main door so we can leave it at your apartment door or a key to the garage so we can leave it near your car park. If you live in an apartment you may choose a specific time for you delivery to be delivered, this incures a small additional delivery cost. 

Do I need to be home to receive the delivery?

You do not need to be home to receive your delivery (unless you are in a security building and there is no alternative drop off point). If you are not home our drivers are instructed to leave your boxes as close to your front door as possible. The fruit and vegetable boxes are insulated with a plastic insert and all colds items are packed in a styrofoam box with an iceblock to keep your order cold until you get home. If you have any particular instructions for where you would like your delivery left, please let us know in the delivery instructions box at checkout.

How do I return my boxes?

We love to have all boxes returned for re-use, it is good for the environment and helps us to keep costs down. Please leave boxes out on the morning of your next delivery and our drivers will pick them up. If it looks like rain, please leave them undercover or wait until the following week as we are unable to reuse rain damaged boxes. We also like to have the plastic insert back (if it is clean) and we will reuse it as well.

Colds Box Deposit

We charge a $2.50 deposit on the styrofoam colds box and frozen water bottle we use to keep the meat and dairy cool in transit. This small charge is not designed to penalise, rather, it is to encourage the return of as many of these boxes as possible. We count on receiving these boxes back, its good for the environment and also helps to keep costs down. Make sure you leave your colds box out for pick up on the day of your next order.

Once your styro box is returned to our warehouse, our staff will scan the label and a deposit of $2.50 will be credited to your account. This will be deducted from the total of your next order. You can check you are receiving these credits by checking your invoice where you will find a tally of all colds boxes in/out.