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Doorstep Organics

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I get in contact with you?

Call us between 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday on 02 8399 1666.*

Email us anytime to

Fill out our contact form.


Forgotten Your Password

I didn't receive my Password reset link?

If you have an account with us, and you didn't receive your reset password link, please contact our Support team.



Please head over to our Delivery section to see everything you need to know about our delivery network, delivery charges, delivery times, cold boxes and packaging.

Can I pick up my order?

We are an online store only. Sorry, but we don't have a bricks and mortar store where you can come by and hand choose your products or pick up your order.


Recurring orders

Please head over to our Recurring orders section to see everything you need to know about our recurring orders.


Website icons

What does this icon mean?

Certified OrganicCertified Organic - the product is Certified Organic


Certified Organic Ingredients - the product contains Certified Organic ingredients


Product Quickview buttonProduct Quickview - tap on this icon to see more details about the product in a popup window


Favourite - tap this icon to add this product to your Favourites.  You can see your Favourites by tapping on the Favourites item under the 'account & orders' menu


Add to Lists - tap this icon to add a product to one of your lists, either a shopping list or a recurring order.   Shopping Lists and Recurring orders can both be found under 'account & orders' menu.


  Reorder product - located in your Order Details, tap this icon to reorder a product from a previous order.  The product will be added to 'my box'.



Why is the 'Add to Box' button Green sometimes, and Orange other times?

A Green 'Add to Box' button indicates that the product is available for you to order for any delivery day.  An Orange 'Add to Box' button means that the product has some limitations on delivery.  Pressing the button will give you more information about when it will be available if its not available for your selected delivery date.  You then have the choice to change your delivery date in My Box, if you still want the product.

Can I edit my order?

You can edit your order as many times as you like.  Just remember, once we start packing the order, you are limited in what you can do.  Your order status moves to "packing" once the first item is packed into your box, and you can see this status in your Active Orders section.  Often we start packing your order at about 11am the day before your delivery day. At this time you are unable to remove any items from the order and you are unable to cancel the order.  You may continue to add items right up until just before the order is due to leave the warehouse.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time up until we start packing the order.  Your order status moves to "packing" once the first item is packed into your box, and you can see this status in your Active Orders section.  Often we start packing your order at about 11am the day before your delivery day.

How are cold and frozen products transported?

We take all care with cold and frozen items. They are packed for you on the day of delivery and are placed in our refrigerated vans for transport to your door. This does mean that there is likely to be some softening of your items by the time they get to you but they have been kept cold, so can be refrozen or placed in your refrigerator for consumption.

Please head over to our Delivery section to read more about our cold boxes and packaging.

Please note, we cannot provide refunds, credits or replacements on any colds items that may appear defrosted on arrival.

What are Mixed Box Preferences?

When you purchase a mixed box of fruit or vegetables, you can let us know which fruit or vegetables you like or dislike. Maintain this list in the Mixed Box Preferences area under the 'account and orders' menu. This list will then display each time you add a Mixed Box to your My Box, allowing you to edit the preferences for your current order, or edit it permanently.

You can also choose to like/dislike a grouping of products.  For example, you can type in 'herbs' and by hovering over the word (on a desktop) or tapping on the word (mobile), then you can see which herbs are included in the grouping.



Why is my website order and my tax invoice for different amounts?

If there's a difference between your website order total and your tax invoice, it might be due to weights. Every apple doesn't weigh the same as the next apple, so when you order 1kg apples, we can't necessarily get exactly 1kg apples in your box - it might be 1.01kg or .98kg. So you'll be charged for the weight in your box. 

I think I have been overcharged or charged twice?

When you check out your order online a pre-authorisation is taken. This is not a charge but a pending amount that is held for Doorstep Organics by PayPal or your credit card company. As per our terms of use the pre-authorisation on credit cards can be up to 15% more to cover items that we sell by weight.

To ensure protection of your credit card details, payments are processed using a secure, third party payment gateway service run by Braintree. This service is PCI-DSS compliant which is the industry standard for secure credit card payments.

At Doorstep we charge orders once they are packed and ready to leave the warehouse and the pre-authorisation is a way for us to ensure payment will be available at this point.

We charge in this way as much of what we sell is sold by weight and subject to market availability. It is important that we only charge you for exactly what has been sent and this cannot be calculated until the order has been packed.

Once your order is packed and ready to ship then we alert PayPal or your bank of the correct amount and claim it from the pre-authorisation they are holding.

When we have captured the amount, any money owing to you from the pre-authorisation will flow back into your account. From now, it is up to PayPal or your bank. It can take a week to fourteen days, depending on your institution but it is typically with a few days.


Gift Vouchers

How do I purchase a gift voucher?

A gift voucher can be purchased here (or via the Gift Vouchers subcategory under the Gifts & Hampers category).  Just complete the details, enter the value you would like to purchase and make payment.

The gift voucher is immeditately emailed to you, incorporating your message.  If it is a gift for someone, you can then forward the gift voucher on to the final recipient

How much does a gift voucher cost?

You determine the value of the gift voucher.  It can be any value over $25.

How do I redeem a gift voucher?

A gift voucher may be redeemed against any order.  And gift vouchers may be used against multiple orders if the value of the voucher has not been fully redeemed on the first order.

To redeem your gift voucher, open the Box and click on Redeem a code.  Enter your gift voucher code, and either continue shopping or Proceed to Checkout.  The value of the gift voucher will automatically be applied to your order.

When does my gift voucher expire?

Your gift voucher never expires.  It can be used at any time until the value has been fully redeemed.



What is a Favourite and how do I get them?

A favourite is a favourite product.  Instead of searching for them every time you want them, you can favourite a product by clicking on the Heart on the product tile.  This product is now a Favourite, and can be found in your Favourites list every time you're logged in. 

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