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The Benefits of Fruit in a Workplace + Subscription Options

The Benefits of Fruit in a Workplace + Subscription Options

People are now more concerned about healthy eating than ever. Not just fancy juices and celery cleanses, but the actual old-fashioned healthy eating is getting popular as well. One of the simple rules of old-fashioned healthy eating is to eat more protein, fruit, and veggies. 

However, workplaces are moving in the opposite direction in terms of consuming fruits. In a recent Aussie survey, it was found that biscuit was the most available snack in the offices.

Having fruits in the workplace can sound a bit unusual but the same survey also showed that people are most likely to consume fruits as office snacks over anything else.

Thinking about the well-being of the employees is something that a lot of employers focus on. And improving their eating habits is a great way of getting started.

The benefits of fruit in a workplace

Fruits keep you hydrated

The human body is made up of 80% of water. Do you know what else has a high water content?

Fruits are among the best food options to keep your body hydrated. Some the fruits like apples and oranges have as much as 86% water.

Also, when you are busy with work, you may not focus on keeping yourself hydrated and drinking water. Eating fruits as snacks is a lot more logical keeping this fact in mind.

They stimulate the memory

Various research shows that fruits are one of the best food for keeping your mind fresh. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for our wellbeing.

There are also studies which show women who consumed blueberries and strawberries had slower rates of cognitive decline as they age.

It increases staff productivity

Fruits help one stay healthy. Think inside a business- healthy staff means less unplanned leaves and a reduction in worker’s compensation.

Good food also boosts office morale. Our guts hold almost 90% of the serotonin receptors, which are our mood-regulating hormones. So, there are connections between eating good food and being in a good mood.

Healthy Staff = Healthy Business

Having fruit boxes in your office is a good way of showing employees that they are valued. It also shows that employers are concerned about the wellness of their employees.

According to an article on Forbes, about 87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. Providing health snack alternatives will therefore attract better talents to the workplace.

Moreover, employees who feel valued, validated and appreciated are more likely to perform better than their stressed counterparts. Having fruit boxes in a workplace helps the business to thrive in some ways.

Fruit Box Delivery Subscription

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