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How does long-life milk last so long?

How does long-life milk last so long?

Long-life milk is made to last, sometimes a long time – unlike regular milk which expires quickly.

The name “long-life” milk comes from its ability to stay on the shelf for a long time without needing a cool environment.

How long does regular milk last?

Regular milk has a best before the date of around one week. It is normally refrigerated after being opened and can stay in the fridge for a few days.

What makes long-life milk last longer?

Long-life milk is processed a little differently compared to regular milk. Regular milk is pasteurised, which means it is heated to 74 degrees Celcius for 15 seconds.

Whereas long-life milk is heated to 140 degrees celsius for two seconds and then packaged immediately. This process is also called ultrahigh temperature processing or treatment (UHT).

The reason why long-life milk lasts longer is that pasteurization does not kill all bacteria in the milk. It just kills enough for making the milk free from any kind of disease. Meanwhile, the ultra-high treatment kills all the bacteria. This is what contributes to the longer shelf life of long-life milk.

How long can long-life milk last?

Long-life milk or milk that goes through ultrahigh temperature treatment can last for up to nine months when unopened. However, once the packaging is opened, it is recommended to use it within seven days.

Doorstep Organics delivers long-life milk

Doorstep Organics is a Sydney-based health food store delivering food and grocery items to residents in the Sydney region. Check out our range of UHT milk and milk powder here.

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