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Reasons to buy organic chicken

Reasons to buy organic chicken

Wednesday 2nd March, 2022

When choosing your meat, you have a bunch of options in the supermarket. You get to choose between free range, cage free, or organic chicken, among others. This terminology can be very confusing and you may not know how the animals are being raised. This can prevent you from being able to understand what you are buying. This is a tough situation because as consumers, you have a right to know what you are eating, and choose appropriately. Between all the options available in any supermarket, organic meat and food products are a popular choice. But why is that? 


Keeping the benefits for your health and nutritional value in mind, organic food is a shoo-in for most people. Made naturally without the use of artificial chemicals, organic food is free of chemical intervention. For organic meat, this means that the animals are not exposed to any hormones or antibiotics, and are given high-quality feeds. The method of farming with as minimal chemical intervention as possible means that organic food can be healthier for you.The nutritional benefits, when considered along with the ethical and environmental considerations of purchasing organic produce, makes it the obvious choice for you and your family. Here is some more detail about what organic chicken is and why you should include it in your diet. 


What is organic chicken?

Organic foods are grown and produced without the use of artificial fertilisers or chemicals. Environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and the preservation of native animal habitats are all priorities in production. All organic animal products come from free-range animals who have unlimited access to pastures and pesticide-free food throughout their lives. Organic, free range, green, and eco all overlap in certain ways. The conversation around organic meats is increasing as consumers become more aware of how their food is made. Organic foods and meats are soon becoming the preferred options for many consumers. 


Based on these principles, organic chicken is meat from chickens that have been raised in a free-range environment. The animals are not given any external hormones.Organic chickens are fed a well-balanced food and live in sanitary conditions, which helps to reduce disease risk. Antibiotics and feed derived from other animals' parts are prohibited in organic chicken rearing. This implies that the label of organic can guarantee that your meat has not been exposed to many chemicals.


Balanced nutrition

Consuming organic chicken can give you a more balanced diet and better nutrition than other chicken. Organic chicken has been found to have 38% more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, according to one research. To increase moisture and taste, many ordinary and even "natural" chickens — but not organic chickens — are injected with water, salt, and preservatives. As a result, salt levels are increased. Over time, high quantities of salt can have adverse effects on your health. Organic chicken may also reduce your risk of food poisoning since they do not have added chemicals. 


Happier chickens

Organic chickens cannot be raised in confined spaces and must have access to the outdoors. They are free to roam around in the sun and run around in an open space. To be sure you're buying happy hens, you can even go straight to the farm or farmer and enquire about their chickens' living conditions.


At Doorstep Organics, we provide you with the most sustainable and ethical food choice without compromising on the principles of organic food. This means that our range of organic chicken comes from happy and humane farms. These farms prioritise animal welfare over stocking densities. 


Support small farmers

A great amount of industrial farming exists on large farms run by huge corporations. This is where your standard meat and poultry will come from. Free range and organic chickens cannot exist on those farms because they will never meet the standards of care practised for animal welfare. Industrial chicken farming breeds and raises animals in an inhumane environment. However, small farmers can raise organic chickens on their independent farms. You can support small farmers and your local meat and poultry industry by buying from small farmers. Doorstep Organics’ meat products come from suppliers and farmers that take the highest care in meeting the standards of organic food.  


Better for the environment

Enterprises which breed large chickens for meat and industrial chicken farming contribute to serious water quality challenges. Farmers frequently use chicken litter as fertiliser in open fields, however the high density of this fertiliser is washed into major waterways and streams by rain. Right from the consumption of resources needed to begin industrial farming, up till the disposal of waste, meat that is not organic is made in a manner that has adverse long-term impacts on the environment. Whereas, organic chicken farming is done in environmentally friendly ways that do not result in flushing fertilisers back into open fields or water bodies.

There is no better way to meet your daily protein requirements than to consume chicken and poultry. Free range birds bred in the vast outdoors produce the tastiest tasting, highest grade organic meat. The meat you’re eating is humanely produced and ethically sourced. Whether you're cooking for health or for fun meals, Doorstep Organics provides the best and most extensive selection of organic poultry and organic chicken. Take advantage of our same-day delivery service and place an order today.



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