Recurring Orders

When you think of Doorstep Organics, probably one of the first words that comes to mind is "convenience". We have been working hard to streamline the process of "recurring order creation" and so now it's easier than ever to create a recurring order.

A recurring order is really handy if you have a shopping list you require, weekly or fortnightly, yet you struggle to find the time to place an order. You can set up the order and forget about it OR set up a basic order you know you will need regularly and edit this order weekly. The best thing about "recurring orders" is that they are 100% editable, giving you complete control.

Before your scheduled delivery day you will receive an email advising confirmation of the items ordered. If an item has become unavailable due to seasonal and/or supplier fluctuations you will be advised in this email. You will have up to the night before your delivery day to edit, add to, postpone or cancel your order. This gives you complete control over the process and means you are not locked into anything that may not suit your varying needs.

Recurring orders can be scheduled to arrive any day we deliver to your suburb, however, we recommend you select a day earlier in the week such as Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as these are the days with the best availability for fresh produce. 

Recurring orders can be created from scratch or you can elect to turn the order you just made into a recurring order. Look out for this option at checkout! To create a recurring order from scratch, click on the "create recurring order button" on the main page. 

We have also made some changes to the website which allow you to choose a "time condition" for your recurring order, this feature allows you to choose a three hour window of expected delivery for a small extra fee. 

And finally...  the best news regarding recurring orders is that as long as the final amount you are having delivered totals $75 or more, you will recieve FREE standard shipping.

...oops, no I just want to order for this week!!

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