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Gluten Freedom Classic Gluten Free Sourdough Bagels - Frozen


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Gluten Freedom

Classic Gluten Free Sourdough Bagels - Frozen

  • Out of Stock

  • Certified By: Not Certified Organic

  • Country of Origin: NZ


$10.45  $3.03 / 100g
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About the product

Sold frozen. Some thawing in transit may occur.
Useby is extended by 6 months

There’s a whole lot of classic sourdough goodness in these bagels. Share them round or gobble them up. Scrumptious toasted and spread with your favourite sweet or savoury toppings.


Organic Sourdough (25%) (Brown Rice Flour, Water, Vegetable Gum [Guar Gum]), Modified Tapioca Starch (1442,1412), Water, Coconut Cream, Maize Starch, Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Coconut Sugar, Yeast, Psyllium Husk, Salt, Stabiliser [464], Vegetable Gum Guar Gum, Emulsifier [Sunflower lecithin].


Questions & Answers

What makes sourdough bread sour?

The sourness in sourdough comes from acids which are created by bacteria or natural culture. Lactic and acetic acids are created as the dough rises and ferments, which makes it taste ‘sour’.


Can sourdough make one sick?

No, Leaving allergies and intolerance aside, there is no need to worry about getting sick just because of eating bread.

 Even if any bad bacteria made it to the dough, they are most likely to die in the cooking stage.


Are all sourdough bread gluten-free?

No, not all sourdough bread is gluten-free. Whether any bread is gluten-free or not depends on the flour it is using. Gluten Freedom Classic Sourdough bagels use brown rice flour (not wheat flour) and hence it is gluten-free.


Where to buy sourdough bagels in Sydney?

Doorstep Organic stocks gluten-free sourdough bagels from Gluten Freedom. Order yours today.


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