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Deep Sea Flathead Fillets

Wild South

Deep Sea Flathead Fillets

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Country of Origin: Australia
Ingredients: Deep Sea Flathead
Price: $23.95 / 280g
$66.53 per kg

Southern Ocean Deep Sea Flathead

Wild South Seafood provide the consumer with premium fish from the pristine, cold and deep Southern Ocean. This is where they consider the location of the best and most unpolluted wild-caught fish in the world. The fish is collected from a community of boats when they pull up at the wharf, beautifully hand filleted with care, packed into 2 person sized fillets, vacuum packed and immediately individually quick frozen. All within a few hours of coming off a boat.

This means that even though the product is frozen, it is generally ‘fresher’ than most ‘fresh’ seafood.

These fillets contain no bones, just pure white flesh. Flathead has a low oil content which results in fine, flaked flesh. Low oil content also means it is a very ‘non fishy’ tasting fish. Simply cook for a couple of minutes each side in a knob of butter. Simple, fresh and delicate.

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