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Viking Organic Frozen Organic Wild Blueberries


Doorstep Organics provide general product information such as ingredients, nutritional information, images, country of origin and other information. We aim to keep this information as up to date as possible. However, product detail may change from time to time by the producer and often we are given no notification of this. Therefore there may be a delay in making updates. When precise information is important, we recommend you contact us or the manufacturer of the product, and always read the product information on the package before consuming.

Viking Organic

Frozen Organic Wild Blueberries

  • Out of Stock

  • Certified By: Ecocert

  • Country of Origin: Serbia


$12.95  $43.17 / kg
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About the product

Viking frozen wild blueberries are picked in the unspoiled hillsides of eastern Europe. They are individually quick-frozen for perfect servings each time. The best pickers know exactly when and where to pick what the forests provide. The utmost is done to conserve the natural landscape, restoring woodlands, preserving water and maintaining native pollinators. This ensures the fruit is bursting with flavour. Viking Organic’s wild blueberries are high in antioxidants, and have the most intense flavours and health benefits of any berry.

Wild blueberries are often smaller and more tart than cultivated blueberries. Wild blueberries have an intense flavour and are unusually high in the amount of antioxidants. ultra-simple ways are the best way to eat them. Blitzed with juice for a frappe or blended into your regulation morning smoothie. Add to yoghurt with a little honey porridge for a nutritious breakfast. Thaw slightly, then blend with a dash of sweetener (if you like) for a luxe coulis to serve with dessert. They look beautiful as they are powerful. You wont get a better health kick.

These berries are frozen at time of dispatch. Despite refrigerated transport some defrosting may occur. We recommend ordering more than one frozen item to help keep them solid.


100% Organic Blueberries


Questions & Answers

How are wild blueberries different?

Wild blueberries are smaller in size than regular blueberries and have less water content. They are said to have more nutrients & antioxidants as they are grown in cold, harsh conditions.


Are wild blueberries organic?

Not all wild blueberries are organic. Please check for each product's organic certification details before purchasing. The Doorstep Organics website lists the details of each product including whether the produce we stock is organic or not.


Are huckleberries same as wild blueberries?

While they share many similarities - no, they are not the same. Huckleberries are entirely different genus to wild blueberries.


Where to buy wild blueberries in Australia?

Doorstep Organics is an online organic grocery and food delivery service delivering organic blueberries. Get fresh organic produce delivered right to your doorstep. Order today!


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