5 Reasons to Drink Organic Wine

5 Reasons to Drink Organic Wine


Organic wines have no pesticides. It’s a natural wine that cuts out all the unnecessary ingredients that your body or the planet doesn’t need. The result; the wine tastes better and is better for you. 

1 Fewer Sulphur Dioxide

A lot of conventional wines contain added sulphur dioxide (So2). This is to make the wine last longer so it can have a longer shelf life. Studies shows that So2 can irritated those with asthma and also give headaches easier. In organic wines only natural So2 exist, which is developed throughout the winemaking process. 

2 Better for the Ecosystem

Organic winemakers are working with nature and not against it. Therefore no pesticides are used that can pollute the soil and the groundwater and harm a whole ecosystem. Instead they create a natural self-regulating plantation. 

They grow a variety of different plants to attract special good insects and as a result are boosting the biodiversity. Some plantations use natural grass cutting with free range goats to eat the weeds. 

3 Less Carbon Emission

Some of our wine companies are not only making quality organic wines they are also carbon neutral. The winemaking company Temple Bruer is not only taking responsibility for people’s health and the soil they are also making sure they are doing their part to reduce global warming. Which means they are using renewable energy and planting weeds that can capture a high amount of carbon dioxide. 

4 No Headache?

We all know how a good night with wining and dining can be a bit of a struggle the day after. Some people argue that organic wine is the go, to avoid hangover headaches. The best way to test this out is to have a go yourself. But we still have to remember that it is alcohol in wines which can cause dehydration when consumed in bigger amounts. 

So stay hydrated, drink your organic wine (in moderation) and see if the reduced sulphur dioxides leave you headache free.  

5 Quality over Quantity

Save the environment, treat your body like a temple, be headache free; all great reasons to go organic. But for many of us the price point will be the final decision maker. A certified organic wine or biodynamic wine is normally a little bit more expensive. Instead of choosing conventional types of wines with a lower price, drink less and choose wine producers doing tasteful wines good for both you and the planet. 

In addition to our great selection of Australian organic wines we also sell organic beer, cider, gin, vodka, rum and whiskey . Stock up your bar with organic brews and support the future brewers of organics while you enjoy tasteful drinking. 


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