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What do we do to minimise our impact on the environment?

Recycling Cardboard

We love recycling at Doorstep. We recycle all cardboard boxes until it is no longer possible. We also recycle the plastic liner that comes inside the cardboard box, so if you don't have a use for it, just leave it in the box we'll use it again.

Recycling Styrofoam - why do we charge a deposit?

Styrofoam. We hate using it... but it is the most effective way of keeping your refridgerated items cold. Over the years we have deliberated the use of it and indeed explored other colds packaging options but unfortunately none of were half as effective at insulating refridgerated and frozen items. Stryofoam is a type of plastic derived from crude oil (a non renewable fossil fuel), it is bulky and non-degradable in landfill. Basically it is not great for the environment and is especially wasteful to use just the once. In order to get as many of these boxes back as is possible we charge a $2.50 deposit. We charge this as the boxes are expensive to buy and can be a significant burden on our business but also to ensure we receive as many as we can back to our warehouse for reuse. We use them over and over again... until they break infact. So please if you order refridgerated or colds items be sure to keep your styro and leave it out for collection when you get your next order.

Disposing of Green Waste

Our veggie scraps are taken away to a worm farm! Each week they are collected and used on the farm. The worm castings and liquid collected make excellent fertilisers and soil conditioners. This product is then sold to gardeners.

Giving our left over produce to Ozharvest

Anything too good for the worms and left over on Friday afternoon is donated to Ozharvest, the amazing food rescue charity. Ozharvest collect the produce from us and deliver it to charities providing much needed assistance to vulnerable men, women and children across Sydney.

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