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Organic Dried Fruit, Nuts and Grains

Our organic dried fruit, nuts, and grains collection is packed full of delicious and healthy snacks that will keep you going throughout your day. Naturally preserved and packed with valuable nutrients, nuts such as organic almonds and dried fruits make the perfect on-the-go snack that will actually fill you up and benefit your overall health. Browse our range or read more to learn about the health benefits of organic nuts and dried fruit.


The Perfect Snacks



Nuts are considered one of the healthiest snacks available, yet so many people avoid them due to outdated misinformation that fat is “bad” for you. It turns out there is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy fat.

Nuts fall into the healthy category, making them great for your mind and body. According to healthline it has even been proven in multiple studies that incorporating nuts into your diet could decrease your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. There was even a Harvard study that showed those who eat nuts daily tend to live longer and healthier lives.


Healthy Fats

When we’re talking about healthy fats, nuts and seeds are brilliant examples. Many people were raised believing that all fats are unhealthy fats. It is now widely acknowledged that the only type of fat you need to watch out for is saturated fat. While nuts do contain low levels of saturated fat, these levels are balanced out with monounsaturated fatty acids, omega-3s, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, all of which are great for overall health.


Five Nuts To Incorporate Into Your Diet


Organic Almonds

Organic almonds are arguably one of the best foods that you can put into your body. They have been shown to possibly improve cholesterol levels, aid weight loss, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. They also are terrific for gut health, aiding the growth of essential gut bacteria.


Organic Walnuts

Known as the nut that is good for your brain, organic walnuts have a whole range of health benefits. Studies reviewed by Healthline have suggested that they increase cognitive function, making them a great snack if you need to focus. They are also linked to lower cholesterol and a decreased risk of heart disease.


Organic Brazil Nuts

High in selenium, organic Brazil nuts are a great nut to add to your daily diet. They have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and may even reduce oxidative stress. Organic Brazil nuts are also known for reducing inflammatory markers, making them a healthy addition to your overall diet. 


Organic Pistachios

Another nut that has been linked to improved cholesterol levels are pistachios. These nuts are particularly high in fibre and are known for decreasing your risk of heart disease factors, such as the levels of oxidised chemicals in your blood and overall blood pressure. Pistachios have also been linked to weight loss.


Organic Macadamia Nuts

A particularly good source of monounsaturated fat, organic macadamias are once again great for overall heart health. They can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation as well as lower cholesterol. 


All nuts eaten in moderation make for healthy and nutritious snacks. Keeping a pack of organic almonds or mixed nuts with you is a terrific idea for staying satisfied while you’re on the go and ensuring you get your daily dose of healthy fats.


Organic Dry Fruits Online

Dried fruit can have a bad reputation as being full of sugar and less nutritious than fresh fruit. This isn’t entirely true. First, let’s break down what exactly dried fruit is.


What is Organic Dried Fruit?

To put it simply, dried fruit is a fruit that has had most of the water content removed throughout the drying process. As it loses water, it also shrinks, leaving you with a smaller and denser version of the fresh fruit. The drying process of the best organic dried fruit doesn’t use high temperatures, meaning that the fruit remains in its raw state. Removing a large portion of the water content serves as a natural preservative, making dry fruit last longer.


Is Dried Fruit Far Less Nutritious Than Fresh Fruit?

Absolutely not. The myth that dried fruit loses nutrition throughout the drying process comes from the misconception that high temperatures are used. When you cook fruit, you do lose some nutritional value, but this doesn’t apply to natural dry fruits.

Organic dried fruit has all the same micronutrients, fibre, and antioxidants as the fresh fruit it came from. The only exception is that some vitamins such as vitamin C are reduced through the drying process. Regardless of this, natural dried fruit is still rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to overall health.


Is Dried Fruit Full of Sugar?

Though dried fruit may seem sweeter because it comes in a condensed form, it contains no more sugar than the original fresh fruit. 

This being said, fruit, in general, does contain a whole lot of sugar. This is usually fine because it is packaged with all those healthy minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre that help you digest those sugars. Dried fruit comes in the same package, but it is smaller. This means that it’s much easier to overeat dried fruit than it is fresh fruit. 

Stick to the same daily recommendations of two servings of fresh fruit per day. If you wouldn’t eat 50 grapes in one sitting, don’t eat 50 raisins in one sitting.


Health Benefits of Dried Fruit

When eaten in moderation, dried fruit has a whole range of health benefits. They are essentially a denser version of the fruit, making them packed with fibre, potassium, and health-promoting plant compounds that you want in your body. There are even studies that indicate certain dried fruits such as raisins can lower your blood pressure, decrease inflammation, and decrease your cholesterol.


Organic Information

If you would like to learn more about a specific product, simply click on it to receive all the information you need. We display the certified organic status, country of origin, and a full list of ingredients on all of our products, as well as a description.

We take pride in only stocking the best organic food we can find. Read our Farm Profiles to learn more about where our food comes from and check out Why Organics where we detail the benefits of eating organic.


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