Farm Profiles

We go to the markets everyday to enure the produce we are buying is the freshest available. Whenever possible we also buy direct from the farmer which ensures they are receiving the best price for their hard work and we are receiving the best and freshest fruit and vegetables. Most of the produce is from NSW, Victoria and QLD. We avoid selling produce which has been imported and will only do so if we can get no equivent in the Australian market. The following is a list of some of the larger Organic farms we source our produce from.

Cafresco Organics

Cafresco is a Certified Organic farm, owned and run by Maurie and Maria Cafra. It was certified for the first time in 1997, Maurie has been working on the farm since he was 18. The Cafras' farm approximately 25 vegetables, specialising in asparagus and artichokes. As well as asparagus and artichokes the farm produces a large range of other vegetables, such as: tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, fennel, lettuce, beans, corn, onions, pumpkin, capsicum and lemons. They are located on the fertile Koo Ree Rup swamp in Victoria which produces incredibly rich, deep and black soil.

Forest Hill

In 1995 Ian and Gloria Benson sold their sugarcane farm in Mackay, packed up their 5 children and moved to Tasmania where they purchased Forest Hill. The Farm is situated near Devonport on the rich red basalt soils of Tasmania's North - West coast. Ian and Gloria began the conversion period in 1998 with NASAA, four other farms were purchased over the next few years. They grow a variety of certified organic vegetables including: orange and purple carrots, brown and red onions, various varieties of potatoes, beetroot and pumpkins as well as sheep and cattle. Forest Hill Farm employs between 50 to 100 people in both the farming and packing facility.

Forest Orchards

Forest Orchards in the Adelaide Hills grow the most delicious, sweet, crisp juicy apples. Indeed, broadly recognised as the best growers of apples on the organic market. The farm is run by Graeme Schultz, his wife Fiona and their sons and was certified over 20 years ago. The family maintains a strong committed to healthy food and sustainabilty. Graeme has preserved over half his property as untouched forest, he values selling his apples in Australia rather than export (even though there is a strong demand), he does not sell to the big supermarkets and to demonstrate his commitment to sustainability pack his apples for dispatch in reusable plastic crates which we pay a deposit on. photo courtesy: dafoesinaus.blogspot

Myall Springs

Myall Springs farm certified organic beef and lamb. The farm, which has been in the Carter family for four generations, is located at Rangari just north of Gunnedah in north western NSW and is owned and managed by Matt and Mel Carter. Over the last 12 years Matt and Mel have chaned the way they manage the 6800 acre property, placing a strong focus on natural resource management. They have focused on regenerating native grasslands, waterways and soil health to restore the land to the diverse and thriving ecosystem it was in earlier times. We souce Beef and Lamb direct from Myall Springs bringing you the best price and the freshest product.

Wombat Forest Organics

Wombat Forest Organics farms are located in Lyonville, the central Victorian Highlands near Daylesford, in Victoria. It is owned and run by George, Anne and their son Adam Bremner, they have been farming certified organically for more than 20 years and Adam is the sixth generation of his family to have farmed the same land. The elevation of their area is 800m above sea level so it is a cool climate growing region ideally suited to root vegetables. They grow: several varieties of potato, carrots, beetroots and parsnips.

Bauer's Organic Farm

Bauer's produce award-winning vegies which are full of flavour and nutrition. The farm is located in Gatton, QLD and like most organic farms, it's family run. First established in 1885 and now run by Rob and his sons Anthony and Phil Bauer. The farm is over 1,000 acres in total of which half is used for vegetable production and the rest is natural habitat. Bauer's grow a range of vegies, which includes: potatoes, celery, carrots, broccoli, corn and garlic.

Googa Farms

Googa Farms were first established in 1963 and is now owned and run by Anthony and David Beutel. It is a 200 hectare farm located just outside of Blackbutt, QLD. Growing on the farm are 7,000 bearing avocado trees, the rest of the farm is used for broad-acre and vegetable farming. The quantity and quality of the avocadoes are testament to the health of the soil which is maintained through Organic farming practices and mulching. The trees on this farm are expected to last 30 years, which is a third longer that most conventional avocado trees.

Barambah Organics

It was in 1999, when Organic farming was still just a fledgling industry that Ian Campbell began the process of gaining Organic Certification for his farm, Barambah Organics located in S-E Queensland. The Campbells began by selling their products at the local farmers markets, now their award winning yogurts and cheese are sold everywhere. At Barambah, the cows graze on mixed pastures and are 80% grass fed. Their diet is supplemented with grains and minerals during milking times. Barambah's Labna with fennel and sea salt is named Australia's Champion flavoured cheese for 2015, it also won this award 3 years ago.