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Burgers, Nuggets, Falafel

Falafel Nuggets from Doorstep Organics

Doorstep Organics brings you the latest innovation from our kitchen of deliciousness. Since we're fully aware of the importance of organic food for your health, we'd like to introduce a healthy meat alternative that is equally delicious, nutritious but most importantly, healthy.

Our falafel nuggets are the best meat alternative and are a perfect meal to celebrate any occasion with your friends, family and loved ones. Aside from being delicious, we also offer a wide variety of fresh, seasonal organic food delivered daily at your doorstep.

We have various vegan burgers as well for those who are looking to spice things up further.

Why are falafel nuggets so special?

Well, one of the reasons why these nuggets are so special is because falafel has become a spicy favourite in almost every country in the world. It has taken the world by storm and is here to stay. It can be made of almost anything, but the only thing important to get that classic taste is using an authentic spice.

It is needed to create that specific, distinct and irresistible flavour. The trick with falafel nuggets is that they are deliciously smooth on the inside while being extra crunchy and crispy on the outside. You can eat these nuggets separately or stuff them in pita bread.

A meal for every occasion

These quite delicious falafel nuggets are very easy to make, require little of your time, and are a perfect meal for every occasion. This is especially important for those who are looking for a healthy, nutritious, delicious, quick, and easy meal.

For those who eat meat, it's recommended that you go with this tasty meat alternative from time to time, as you will enrich your diet even more. Try the extra crispy falafel nuggets from Doorstep Organics and spice your diet up in the best way possible.

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