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Herbisaurus<br />Party Sausage Rolls Vegan 280g
Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00 per  
Herbisaurus<br />Sausage Roll Vegan 220g
Ex Tax: $0.00 $4.93 per 100g 
These sausage rolls are family size, 24cm long, and are read ...more info
Herbisaurus<br />Moroccan Patties Vegan 300g
Ex Tax: $0.00 $3.32 per 100g 
These delicious burger patties are made with chickpeas, swee ...more info
Herbisaurus<br />Lasagne Vegan 570g
Ex Tax: $0.00 $2.27 per 100g 
Serves 2. The plastic tray is safe for freezer (to -40°C), f ...more info