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Celery x 8 Bulk Box

Celery x 8 Bulk Box

Certified Organic
In Stock
Certified By: ACO
Country of Origin: Australia
Price: $89.95 / 8 each
$11.24 per each

Celery, Whole each
$12.95 / each

Celery Half each
$7.95 / each

Celery Stick each
$1.95 / each

Grower: Black Crow Whether you are green juicing, snacking or cooking up a tasty dish celery is the essential ingredient. It not only has the flavour necessary for the base of many recipes it’s is also incredibly healthy too. Organic celery has been all the buzz over social media.

No matter which way you consume celery the health benefits are clear. Celery is not only full of nutritious vitamins and minerals it’s also stacked with fibre. It’s said the green stuff has so much fibre and so little calories it actually takes more energy to digest celery than is gained! Who knows if this is backed by scientific evidence but when you're chewing and chewing it definitely feels like it. This alone makes it a popular staple of any weight loss regime.

It’s important when drinking celery juice to source the most healthy stalks available. The best organic celery juice is of course cold pressed minutes before eating. We all know about the new york times best selling author the medical medium and the source of this celery craze. Whether its purpose is anti inflammatory, to prevent acid reflux or just a great drink to have in the morning on an empty stomach organic celery is one of the most important vegetables to buy organic.

Of course it’s only one of many fruits and vegetables that make up a balanced diet that promotes optimal health. Of course if you are looking to use celery to cure any particular ailment please consult a licensed healthcare professional or a licensed medical doctor.

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